Nicklin Bronzes

Tim was born and educated in Kenya. He is married and has two children both his parents and Anne's (his wife) parents came to Kenya in 1950. Tim was originally trained as a Taxidermist and worked for Zimmermann's, the second largest Taxidermy company at that time.

When the ban on hunting occurred in 1977, Tim started to sculpt in miniature African Wildlife in Bronze.

Tim's work has been and is presented to heads of state by His excellency the President of Kenya, Daniel Arap Moi on state visits.

Some of his sculptures are in the collections of many international celebrities, such as The Aga Khan, Jacky Icyx, Chairman of Caltex, Chairman of Bata, Chairman of Toyota World Wide.

Tim has also been commissioned to make "One Off" pieces for various private collectors, for example: a life size Crocodile, a six foot Humpbacked Whale, a Dolphin and a Killer Whale. Also a life-size Heron and two life size Plovers. Presently a Half life size African Marshall Eagle.


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